Style VS. Trends


The world of fashion can be overwhelming most of the time. There are tons of trends that come and go in a matter of months. And sometimes it is hard to keep up with that. This is why when I buy pieces of clothing, I like to buy basic AND neutral pieces that can easily be transitioned from season to season but still look nice during each season of the year. We all have our own style, and for me it took years to figure it out. Even though I've always liked to wear "trendy" but conservative outfits, I feel like my style really took shape after I worked at J. Crew for a few months. Working at J. Crew gave me a sense of style, and how to make an outfit look unique and make it yours. After working at J. Crew I learned that trends come and go, but your own style will always be the essence of who you are. Take a simple t-shirt and dress it up in a fun way, do a side tuck and add some bold earrings or a bright bandana on your neck, this is what makes your style, not the t-shirt, not the earrings, not the bandana but instead how you combine them so that you add a touch of your style and make the outfit your own. This simple outfit makes me feel put together. Want to dress  it up? add some statement earrings and some nude sandals! It is that simple! These jeans have been my favorite pair this season, and I have a feeling they will still be my favorite pair for a long time. They are that nice!


Outfit Details:

white one shoulder top

Perfect Summer Jeans



What do you think about style vs trends? Let me know in the comments!