Graduating College!



   I finally got some of my senior pictures! Time does fly by. Back when I started at TWU in 2015, graduating seemed so far but that was never an obstacle for me. I look at myself today and WOW! I have changed and grown on so many levels! I remember my first semester at TWU, definitely a challenging one, and that first oral presentation I had to do sitting down because I was so scared to stand in front of others. See, one of my biggest insecurities was what people thought about me (specifically the way I speak English and my accent) and had always been scared to speak a language that I was just starting to learn and understand in front of others. I have worked so hard on my accent and expanding my vocabulary over the years, and I still can’t speak 100% correct English, but that has never limited me from following my dreams and goals. This might sound cliché, but dreams do come true. If you want something bad enough, you will work for it and give it all you have, and trust me, you will accomplish your goals.

Never give up on your dreams!